Welcome to PB Kitchen!

          Celebrating over 6 years as part of Seattle's dining scene, we are proud to feature a rich menu of traditional Polish specialties.

          Opened in 2003, PB Kitchen became the only Polish restaurant in the greater Seattle area. Giving our rich tradition and culture some of the well deserved exposure. We have been described as a "hidden treasure", and our food as "some of the best home cooking in the city". The truth is Polish chefs are passionate about their traditional dishes and they enjoy presenting them to foreigners who have never tasted them before. Barbara (Basia) Patrick who is behind all the magic is no different! She takes pride in what she does, and this is readily noticeable in the unforgettable taste of her cooking.

          Whether it's a cultural immersion you're looking for or simply a good and hearty home-cooked meal PB Kitchen at Polish Home Association (aka. Dom Polski) is the place! And what better way to top off a hearty meal than with a glass of wine or a bottle of Polish beer.

As we like to say, "na zdrowie" - to your health!


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